Step's 2, 3, and 4

Australia's too big, lets move it somewhere else

· logistics and systems

Step 2: clarify the problem

Starting in Melbourne it takes a day to truck to Sydney, three days to Queensland, and four days lead time to get to Perth. Australia is just too big, we’re too far away from everything and that means it costs too much to get things from one place to another.

Step 3: think of ideas 

Okay so, how do we get the world to be ‘a better place’ we need to think of ideas, big ideas, bold ideas, ideas that will champion shifts in the industry and look awesome in when put into PowerPoint. Let’s make a list:

  • Re-branding any associations with the word Logistics and instead using the word Carter, because it's catchier and easier to use in rhymes plus it historically means someone pushing a cart to deliver things so helps.
  • Pushing the mainland of Australia closer into the middle of the Pacific Ocean because it would save a lot of money on shipping and also make us even more attractive to the American tourist’s market.
  • Always talk as we even though it’s just me and my laptop churning all of this cr…stuff.

Step 4: get validation

That’s going to take too long, we’ll skip this step.