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Krys Carter's calling the shots

· logistics and systems

A brand-new brand called Krys Carter has launched today! Seeking to be the number one champion for a new movement in global logistics and supply chain.

Krys Carter, has been created with the singular goal of being the first company to try and go through the entire start-up entrepreneurs’ journey in 24 hours or less. You know what we're talking about, pick an industry, clarify the problems, think of ideas, get validation, figure out you need to ‘pivot’ (the fancy startupy word for change direction because your original idea had no takers), then sell for a billion dollars and retire to be an investor shelling out wisdom out of the good graces of your heart. Simples.

Step 1: pick an industry

The industry is logistics and supply chain, because despite all the blockchain, Ai, and lean buzzwords, this industry needs a lot of attention to become as advanced as it is in the movies. You know what I’m talking about, when you watch any futuristic or sci-fi movie, the people in that world never waste time trying to clarify an order number or sit on hold with customer service or delay a space launch because the fuel didn’t get to the launch pad on time. No, everything works simply and seamlessly, the only way they did that is by getting the logistics of a space-time era right. The logic might be flawed but whatever, Krys Carter has an industry, tick!