Putting the Fun in F1

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The formula one, did you watch it? sure. Did you know what's going on? probably not.

This is the funny thing about F1, it's so complicated and technical that the details can become a bit overwhelming. If you boil it down, it is a nerds sport. But then again eSports is also for nerds... wait hold on... so is Chess. So many sports are nerd sports... what if all sports are nerd sports if you put enough time into them... who actually cares about cricket? What's the point of ski jumping?!

Okay so that went on a bit of a tangent... let's move on and pretend it didn't happen.

The fun thing is when you take something complicated and make it interesting for others. Which isn't easy, for me, watching the EPL (English Premier League) is boring. I have no idea what's going on, nor do I care. But, if I have to, I'll watch it. Ideally with someone like Rob, who knows what's going on, and can explain to me why a certain thing which just happened is important.

That's the same with F1, though it's complicated and there are constant changes to teams or rules or drivers. Watching it with someone who knows a little bit more about it, makes it way more fun.

And that's a good thing, we like to have fun, fun is fun. Formula One is fun when done in a pun for example when a driver has spun. HA ... I made that up.

My point is (I'm pretty sure I had one when I started writing this)... is that Formula One though potentially, at times, boring. Often has a lot of layers behind the scenes. And when you have someone to explain them, things become more nerdy fun for everyone.

Tune in on Sunday to see how we go with our first Live commentary of the Bahrain GP.