22/11/2018 (American Time)

The flying movie of life

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There was no rest, I spent the whole flight working feverishly on my business proposal sweating and swearing the before having the eureka moment of perfect clarity and bliss.


That is a total lie. Though I wanted to do exactly what was just described, sitting in economy reminds me once again that I am not yet financially successful enough to fly business. This seems like a bit of an endless cycle, if you’re in business you can afford the space (literally) to keep working - in comfort - and do more business. Whereas if you’re stuck in the back you can't. I suppose that's why the chase of that breakout moment is such a desire for so many people - myself included.


Of all the self-help books and motivational speakers out there, they all say the same thing: be yourself, find your goal, then persist till you achieve it. Along the way forming the mindset related attributes which enable you to keep pushing the boundaries and play the next iteration of "the game". I Can't help but feel those books are selling the view down the aisle from where I was sitting to where I wanted to be.


Nonetheless, it was still a good flight in comparison to some of my past experiences. I started watching Solo realized... having seen it already once that it is not a movie worth seeing a second time around. Then watched The Incredibles 2 - which is great, The Meg - surprisingly good, Central Intelligence - good for Kevin Hart, Jurassic World - more giant monsters, and Get Smart - which made me conclude that Ann Hathaway is a picture of the ideal woman. Then I got halfway through Johnny English: Reborn. Yes, my eyes were very red.

Getting to San Francisco is very easy because there is a rail link between the airport and the city (are you listening Mr Guy or Mr Andrews…). First impressions of SF are a bit confronting, there are many homeless people and I passively smoked at least a full joint. But hostels seem to be fun, many easy-going people – a whole bunch of which are Australian.