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The big day, it's here, its time to go to the USA!

2018 has been a massive year it started on the 2nd of Jan and hasn’t stopped since. Here is a list of things that have been worked on in 2018 alone.

  • LMN – making logistics cool so non-PhD Supply Chain Professionals can understand how awesome it is. It took a lot of work to make the website what it is, set up all the digital infrastructure, organize podcasts, editing podcasts. Amazing that Jesse and I pulled recorded and published 2 seasons in a single year.
  • Uni – finishing a degree in Logistics & Supply chain, going back as a “mature” aged 25-year-old.
  • Hackathons – participating in a hackathon was fun, winning the GUD hackathon was a surprise, the whole thing from start to finish was awesome.
  • Ideathon 2018 – take the RMIT, the SCLAA, PwC, and PitchBlak. Combine a hackathon (short burst of collaborative working effort) with a design thinking workshop (a structured problem-solving methodology). And create the To Be Disrupted - Ideathon. This was an epic event which took a lot of work to pull off (during exams no less), such a thing is only possible with an epic team, luckily this is exactly what I had access to.
  • RMIT Racing – helping the F-SAE competitors from RMIT with the business presentation.

That’s five projects plus a range of other ideas, events, conversations, concept applications and outings. Plus a trip to Europe and friends/family visiting from overseas.

A hectic year is a very mild way of describing things. 2018 has felt like five years compressed into one (maybe even ten). But this isn’t a list of complaints, this list is me bragging. Who else gets to work this hard? I’m 27, have no physical defects (that I’m aware of), no serious commitments, and time. There is no excuse to make nor hindrance to address. My time has been spent on whatever I chose to spend it on. So I chose to work my arse off, it's my choice.

Sure, I’ve either burnt out or been close to on more than one occasion plus there’s the old adage that you can be a jack of all trades and a master of none. But the way I see it I have been playing roulette. Go in, chips in hand and throw them out to whatever is on the board with a single guiding mantra of being paranoid about missing an opportunity.

So, what’s next?

Next is America, I’m sitting at the airport in Melbourne about to get on a plane to Los Angeles and then to the hub for all startup/tech/entrepreneurial ambitions – San Francisco. Silicon Valley.

Plus, I’m staying for a while after that, I’ve never been to the States... This is a good idea, right?

Why are you doing this? (Not the trip... the blogging)

Because I need attention - my fragile ego needs it, also to live each day as its own and seize the opportunities in front of each of us! Right? Those are all valid enough reasons?! I mean seizing the day may be a legitimate motivator given how the only two things I really know about Merica’ is that there are a many mass shootings and all of my pop culture references are based on stuff that comes out of there. Thank you: The Office, 30 Rock, Seinfeld, How I Met Your Mother.

I’m blogging because it's the easiest way to keep people informed that I am in fact - still alive. More than that in a few years, God willing, maybe I’ll be able to look back at this point in time and reflect on the amazing things which can happen when you take whatever hand you’ve been dealt and go all in. On everything. Everyday.

What happens when you go outside of your comfort zone.

Wow, Krystian this is amazing, you must be so adventurous…

False. I don’t like being a fly in the wind, I like structure, order, and process. Performance is built on being able to play the game and get better. This is not possible if there is no order and structure. So the idea of a hostel-backpacking-see what happens trip makes my head hurt slightly. But you know what if I’ve learnt anything in this latest period of my life it’s that there a million ways in which something can work out – for good or for bad. The only thing you can take into a situation is your character. So this I suspect, will be a pretty extreme test of that concept. Wish me luck!