Star Wars: A Logistics Story.

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Star Wars is an amazing mixture of masterfully crafted stories, characters, and conflicts - except episode nine which, was complete garbage. From Luke's quest to find his purpose, Han's reluctance to join a worthy cause, and to the fight between good and evil. As illustrated by the conflict between the all-powerful Empire and anyone who dares to go up against it.


But when you pull it apart Star Wars really demonstrates the importance of logistics and supply chain management - on a galactic scale. Just hear me out and take a look at the evidence.

Lukes first quest involves being TRANSPORTED across the galaxy.

Han and Chewie fly in a YT-series freighter, which means they are basically truck drivers.

Obi-Wan Kenobi was sent to Kamino to inspect the manufacturing plant responsible for making the clone army. A facility that looks a lot like what I imagine an Apple manufacturing facility to look like... if it wasn't located in China.


The Star Wars saga event highlights some of the common issues we find in logistics and supply chain... Because most of the saga is about getting between one planet and another. We get to see all of the route planning, manifesting, customs and border patrols, bribes, and fuel requirements needed to do so.

Quigon's car/spaceship (which was actual Padmé Amidala's) broke down (got shot at) and needed to be fixed. Which is no different to sending a truck to Sydney and needing to work out what to do when it breaks down halfway up the Hume.

Every time someone is invaded, they have their communications cut. Now you might think, sure that's, probably just some standard military tactics... But I'd argue that the impact of such a loss in communications is no different to losing visibility in your supply chain. Where not being able to track how orders are progressing affects your ability to keep your customers happy.

Star Wars even has robots like R2-D2 to repair their ships on the fly (literally). Here in the less advanced future are getting closer to this being a reality. Look at what Boston Dynamics has been up to (and try not to think about The Terminator being an equally possible reality).


When you look at all of this overwhelming evidence. Star Wars is a quest that takes eleven movies to deliver a single point: that logistics is the glue that holds the entire galaxy together.



May the 4th be with you.

[May 4th is  Star Wars Day because it sounds like May The Force... Be With You]